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Sian Safety Fire Ventile Hersteller Schaumlöscherventile
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Sian Safety Fire Ventile Hersteller Schaumlöscherventile

• Modell: Schaumlöserventile
• Medium: Schaum
• Einlassfaden: M30*1,5 (M16*1,5)
• Auslassfaden: M4*1.5
  • 01-154-704a

  • SiAN

  • 01-154-704A

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Product Description:

Foam valves are widely used in firefighting equipment to control the flow of water and foam, and to generate high-quality foam for maximum fire suppression. 

They are known for their efficient foam generation, accurate foam proportioning, cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, reliability, and safety. 

Foam valves are widely used in various industries such as construction, marine, chemical, aviation, and metallurgy for fire emergencies and industrial hazardous material spill control.

Product Characteristics:

  1. Efficient foam generation: Foam valves are designed to generate high-quality foam with minimal water usage, which is crucial for firefighting scenarios.

  2. Precise foam proportioning: Foam valves provide accurate control over the foam proportioning process, which ensures the foam is neither too weak nor too strong.

  3. Cost-effective: Foam valves are a cost-effective solution for firefighting as they require less water and generate more foam, thereby reducing the overall cost of firefighting operations.

  4. Easy to use: Foam valves are user-friendly devices that can be easily operated by firefighters with minimal training.

  5. Reliable: Foam valves are known for their reliability and durability, ensuring optimal performance even in harsh firefighting conditions.

  6. Safe: Foam valves are designed with safety in mind, and they provide firefighting personnel with an added layer of protection by reducing the risk of injury or property damage.


Question 1

Question:  Can you sell valve together with cylinder?

Answer:  Yes.

Question 2

Question:   Can you tell me the buyers you're cooperating with?

Answer:  Since 1992, we've been in this line of business for over 28 years and cooperating with TOP 6 gas suppliers in the world. Hope we can start our business collaboration as soon as possible.

Question 3

Question: Do you have the valve with a dashboard?

Answer:  Yes, we have such valve with dashboard. Can you tell me the specs and the type of valves you are interested in?

Welcome to contact us freely for more details about our products!

Sian verpflichtete sich der Fluidkontrolle und schafft eine sichere und lebenswerte Umgebung für den Menschen.



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